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K Adolph Realty Corporation
o/a Copper K Realty
1917 Glenwood Drive SW
Calgary AB T3E 3Y4
phone 403-519-0051
fax 403-242-8927
Copper K Realty



I sell a lot of homes and the listing fee is never over $3200. For each and every one of my clients thatís a savings of commission up to $12,000 (average savings $5600) when compared to a commission rate of 7%/3%.
Kelvin Adolph, Broker
• $3200 listing fee
• full MLS
• Expert Appraisal
• 20 years experience
hundreds of sold listings....
Serving Calgary and surrounding communities.

See how our fee structure can save you many thousands of dollars AND you give up nothing.
I know what it takes to sell your home and get top dollar with less hassle.
Want to know the best way to find the perfect home! (And make sure you don't pay too much!!) Know your options!
Mortgages • Legal Fees • Compliance • Agency • Commissions • Disclosure • Home Inspection • MLS • Appraisal
I provide uncomplicated effective information to help you make educated money saving decisions.