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Kelvin Adolph, Broker
Important information for Home Buyers: • Searching Strategies.
• Is the Price Right?

If this is your question:
On my own or with a Realtor?
Then be careful of the following faulty logic:

"It's hard to sell a home" - (it will likely take 3 or 4 weeks to just find one buyer)
"But, it's easy to find a home to buy." (After all, the city is full of thousands of 'homes for sale' -
Therefore, I need a Realtor to help me sell my home, but I can buy on my own."
The above statement has a problem - it ignores the knowledge (and convenience) that a great Realtor can instill into the buying process: sure you could find a house to buy easy enough. BUT,
- is this the best home you can get for the money you want to spend.
- is it truly the right home for you.

Where does a Realtor fit in? Read on...
The Right Criteria
A truly experienced Realtor can quickly help you come up with a balance between what features you want in a home, where you want to live, and how much you can afford.
The reality of looking on your own is that you can look at dozens of homes in several neighbourhoods across the city and keep notes and spreadsheets to find out that a double garage costs x dollars, a two storey costs y dollars/sqft compared to a bungalow the same size, and the same size house in Bridgeland costs Z times as much as in Beddington, etc. etc. etc.

This research can take DAYS or WEEKS - to come up with the same information that an experienced Realtor could relay to you in MINUTES.

Or maybe you won't research - limit yourself to a small sampling, buy, and be satisfied with your purchase - NEVER KNOWING that utilizing the skills and knowledge of an expert Realtor could have found you either a BETTER HOME or a BETTER PRICE or BOTH.
Don't be fooled by imitations!
Where to look?
At any one time there are roughly 4000 to 6000 homes for sale in Calgary. And just how were you going to find the right one for you?
You could drive around some Saturday, looking at open houses and signs on the lawn, and maybe see (the outsides anyway) 40 or 50 homes (of course you won't know the price of any of them unless you phone them all.)
Or you could pick up the local Newspaper, or Real Estate magazine, or for sure the Internet and find information on 100s of homes - and still you haven't seen the inside of any of them.

So you pick up the phone to call the listing Realtors to 'set up showings'. And some are eager to accomodate you - and others are busy today but maybe tomorrow, oh, but not in the evening. So to see 7 homes, even in the same neighbourhood might end up taking 3 or 4 outings stretching across the week. But hire one Realtor to work with: and you'll be able to view all 7 homes, on your schedule, within a couple of hours.

Even of more interest to the buyer: a buyer's criteria can be 'listed' just like a house. So when a house that matches his or her criteria is listed - we can notify you by email instantly with all the details and photos.
And it costs you Nothing
Real Estate commissions are paid by the seller. A buyer can utilize the expert services of a great Realtor at no cost to them.
Looking for a brand new home?
There are potential pitfalls for the unwary buyer. Please be proprerly represented by a professional Realtor.
Specific Questons. Give me a call.
Kelvin Adolph, Real Estate Broker

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