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Kelvin Adolph, Broker

How much do you charge?!

We charge a flat listing fee of only $4000.

This is payable only upon sale of your home; there is no "up front" fee. We recommend offering a selling fee of 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance offered to MLS Realtors to bring their buyers.

Q:What does this mean in real dollars? How much do I save?
A:If you sell a $500,000 home you would save $5500.
Q:What's the catch? Do I have to pay something up front? Do I have to give you other business?
A:There is no catch. Unlike some other Real Estate agents, we don't require you "to buy with us" in order to get our low rate. And unlike some Internet based listing services, you don't pay a penny until your home is sold and the deal finalized.
Q:Explain more about listing fee and selling fee.
A:When you employ a Realtor to sell your home you sign a contract to pay a fee (called commissions) if your home is successfully sold. The Realtor you deal with (the one whose sign is on your lawn) is called the "listing Realtor". When he or she lists your home on the MLS (multiple listing service) you offer a fee to all the other Realtors in the city to bring a buyer to buy your home. Whoever does ultimately bring the buyer is called the "selling Realtor" (yes, it would make more sense if they were called the "buying Realtor".)
Your commission pays both Realtors - the listing fee and the buying fee.
Q:Couldn't I save more if I offer a "selling fee" of $4000?
A:All commissions are negotiable and are not set. Nevertheless, over 95% of the homes listed on the MLS offer a selling fee of 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance. Buyers are required to have a contract with their Realtor and this stipulates the fee the buyer's Realtor is paid.
Q:Yours is a flat fee - not percentage based?
A:The listing portion of our fee is a flat $4000. Most every other company charges a percentage of the selling price. Our logic is that a $700,000 home really isn't any harder or more time consuming to sell than a $300,000 home - so why should it cost the consumer more.
Q:I have an estate home worth about $1,200,000. What are the commissions then?
A:Still only a $4000 listing fee. You stand to save $16,000 compared to a 7%/3% commission.
Q:What about service? Do I have to give up something for lower fees?
A:This is where we excel. We've been in business for over 20 years and have sold over 600 listings. Not only do we know what it takes to sell a home but we've learned those dozens of little things that make a difference. We are a full service company.. Please check our marketing plan.
How about that!! Better service for less money.

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