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Important information for Home Sellers • Marketing Strategies
• Home Showing Tips

What works the best in Marketing a home?
Price is Key. No matter how much advertising is done - a home that is priced too over market value is just not going to sell. Buyers and their Realtors are looking at a number of homes and it is very obvious which are over priced. Priced right and it will receive consideration from all prospective buyers.

Of course, a home that is undervalued will magically disappear in a blink - with apparently no advertising at all.

When you pay for the services of a great Realtor, you're paying for their expertise in appraising your property properly - so that it will sell in a reasonable amount of time, and for a good price. Be wary of the strategy of pricing too high at first (just in case) and bringing the price down if there is no sale after awhile. This may be alright for unique properties with sought after location or features - but the downside is the 'stale listing' stigma that befalls properties that have been on the market too long. Buyers tend to ignore such properties - even after the price comes down - wondering 'what's wrong with them.'

Choose a Realtor you can understand when they present their CMA (comparative market analysis). Work carefully with your Realtor in choosing a list price, and your battle is more than half won.
MLS is BIG.Over 95% of homes sold in Calgary are put on the MLS (multiple listing service) computer. Nothing else compares, so this is where the Real Estate Professional is going to look in order to find a suitable home for their client. At any one time over 4000 local properties are available on this computer database - all searchable by any criteria. The large majority of home buyers are using a Realtor, and the MLS is their fast and comprehensive tool.
Preparing your home for showings
Things YOU can do.
First impressions are vital. Is the door and porch clean? How about the fence and house trim? In winter, keep the walks shovelled, and grass cut in summer. Remember: lots of buyers do "drive by's" before they tell their realtor which ones they want to see.
The buyer opens the door, steps in and smells ... kitty litter!! Smell is really important. Keep house aired out, and cooking or pets smells to a minimum. If odour is very strong, like smoke, try hiding bowls of white vinegar behind the couch. It will illiminate most smells. Then, once bad odour is gone, add a little sniff of potpourri or baked bread. A quick easy trick is to turn the oven on low and add a pan of water with vanilla extract in it. May sound corny, but subliminal messages of clean and cozy are effective, that's why they do it in showhomes!
Keep walking spaces, and entries to rooms, open and clear of furniture. This may mean hiding some furniture temporarily in the garage, or rearranging rooms, but it is essential to keep the home from feeling cluttered and small. Remember: buyers are often accompanied by not only their Realtor, but kids and/or parents. You get 5 or 6 people walking through a room together, and it can get crowded. Make windows accessible too - people like to check the view.
Kitchen and bathrooms should be so clean you can eat off the floor! Remember to tuck away extra "stuff". When there is a showing, try hiding the toaster in the oven, or keep all your personal toiletries in a basket that can be thrown in a closet.
Speaking of baskets...if you have little ones with lots of toys, keep a laundry basket handy. If there is a short notice showing, you can run around and toss everything in the basket. The kids will even help-make it a game-then hide the basket downstairs.
Overall repairs should be done prior to listing - tighten cupboard door hinges, touch up paint, fix squeaky floor boards, vacuum vents, organize closets etc. All this will help the buyer to see a home that is in good repair. Also it helps the buyer to trust that if the things they 'can see' are in good repair, so must be the things they 'can't see'.
Forget about painting your coloured walls white. Dumbest advice I've ever heard! Your home reflects your taste and personality, and will attract others as well. Have you ever seen a white walled showhome!?!
Never be home for showings! This is soooooooo important! Buyers will not stay long enough to fall in love with your house if you are there. They need time to sit on your couch and check out the view, look in the closets and fridge, and under the sink. They won't do it if you are there!
Leave treats out for the realtors! (just kidding)
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